Community of Tinkerers

Pixie is being built for broad use by the end of 2020. In these early dates, we’re very lucky to have a diverse and enthusiastic community of early adopters

Who are Pixienauts?

Software engineers who architect distributed systems and are systems geeks who tinker with tools which help engineers move faster.

Their vision for the future resonates with our innovations in kernel instrumentation, edge ML and command drive developer interfaces.

What do they do?

Give feedback to help us shape the product & community for broad use by the end of 2020.

Share domain expertise & debugging knowledge with our developer community via bi-weekly online meetups, community slack, community github & product blog.

How to be a Pixienaut?

  • Apply Here
  • Install Pixie, file a bug or a feature request
  • You’re set for lift-off and goodies 🚀
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We’ll be adding community online meetups, events and blogs soon

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